California Measurement Advisory Council
Agendas & Minutes
CALMAC met on a relatively regular basis through 2007, and on an as needed basis until 2009. In 2009 the group became inactive as its role was replaced by other industry bodies. The minutes and presentations below are retained for historical perspective.

TitleDateSize (kBytes)Contact
Draft Minutes for CALMAC Teleconference 04/28/2009 4/28/20092270
Agenda for CALMAC Conference Call 04/28/09 (corrected) 4/28/20092264Athena M. Besa
Telephone Call in Information for CALMAC Meeting 03/18/09 3/18/200940
Draft Agenda for March 18, 2009 CALMAC Meeting 3/18/200944Athena M. Besa
2004-05 Multi-Family 10/17/2007176Tim Caulfield
Agenda for CALMAC Meeting 10/17/07 10/17/200729
2005 HEES Presentation 10/17/200784Tim Caulfield
2004-05 HEES (Home EE Surveys) 10/17/2007433Tim Caulfield
2004-05 Residential New Construction 10/17/2007401Tim Caulfield
2005 California Lighting & Appliance Saturation 10/17/20071197Tim Caulfield
2004-05 Single Family 10/17/2007298Tim Caulfield
Tami Rasmussen - Ltg NTG Presenation 7/18/2007173
Don Dohrmann Presentation 7/18/2007263
Doug Mahone Presentation 7/18/2007103
Mike Rufo NTG Presentation 7/18/2007627
Rafael Friedmann Presentation 7/18/200789
Clark Bernier NTG Examples Presentation 7/18/2007142
Dan Violette - NTG Presentation 7/18/2007310
Draft Agenda for CALMAC Meeting 07/18/07 7/18/200728
Rafael Friedman's Slides for 06/20/07 CALMAC Meeting 6/20/200780
Updated CALMAC Agenda 06/20/07 10:00 AM 6/20/200726
CALMAC Draft Agenda - June 20, 2007 6/20/200726
Schuck Presenation 06/20/07 6/20/2007588Tim Caulfield
Agenda for CALMAC Meeting April 18, 2007 4/18/200725
Website Contractors Area Presentation 4/18/200739Tim Caulfield
CPUC RFP Status Presenation 4/18/200756Tim Drew
NAESB EM&V Protocols Effort 4/18/200737
PG&E Slides for 02/21/2007 CALMAC Meeting 2/21/2007364
Agenda for CALMAC Meeting 02/21/07 2/21/200734
More Detailed SCE Evaluation Plans as presented to CPUC 2/21/200798
SCE Slides for 02/21/2007 CALMAC meeting 2/21/200769
Sempra Presentation to CALMAC Mtg 02/21/07 2/21/2007707Kevin McKinley
Agenda for CALMAC Meeting 10/19/05 10/19/200529
Doug Mahone CALMAC Presentation 10/19/200578Tim Caulfield
EM&V Data Request 10/19/200528
DEER and Measure Cost Presentation 9/21/20052168Ingrid Bran
Website Committee Quarterly Rpt to CALMAC 9/21/200556Tim Caulfield
Information for Online Participants 9/21/200526Ingrid Bran
CALMAC Meeting Agenda - revised 9/19/05 9/21/20050Shahana Samiullah
Cancellation Notice for August 17, 2005 CALMAC Meeting 8/17/200525Tim Caulfield
EULs for CALMAC Discussion 7/20/200553Shahana Samiullah
Evaluation Approach 7/20/2005272Tim Caulfield
Upstream Evaluation Issues 7/20/200512Tim Caulfield
Revised Agenda for CALMAC Meeting 07/20/2005 7/20/200529
CALMAC Meeting Agenda 06-15-05 6/15/200527
Cancellation Notice for May 18, 2005 CALMAC Meeting 5/18/200524Tim Caulfield
Cancellation Notice for April 20, 2005 CALMAC Meeting 4/20/200524Tim Caulfield
Draft Agenda for March 16, 2005 CALMAC Meeting 3/16/200528Tim Caulfield
EM&V 2004-2005 Statewide RFP & Project Status 02/16/05 3/16/200518
Agenda for CALMAC meeting 03/16/05 3/16/200528
Draft Roadmap Cover Letter 3/16/200532
Agenda of CALMAC 2-17-05 Meeting 2/17/200557
DEER Update for CALMAC 02/17/05 2/17/200542Shahana Samiullah
Agenda for February 9, 2005 CALMAC Meeting 2/9/200523Tim Caulfield
Cancellation Notice for January 19, 2005 CALMAC Meeting 1/19/200524Tim Caulfield
December 2004 CALMAC Meeting - Agenda 12/15/200424Kenneth James
Best Practices Website Demonstration Slides 12/15/2004744Kenneth James
Updates: Consortium for Energy Efficiency and Association of Energy Services Professionals 12/15/200479Ingrid Bran
EEGA CALMAC Demonstration 12/15/2004834Tim Drew
CALMAC Website Committee Status Report, 12/15/04 12/15/200448Tim Caulfield
EEGA Report Samples 12/15/2004303Tim Drew
Draft Agenda for December 15, 2004 CALMAC Meeting 12/15/200425Tim Caulfield
Cancellation Notice for November 17, 2004 CALMAC Meeting 11/17/200424Tim Caulfield
Protocols and Framework Presentation 10/27/20044804Tim Caulfield
10-27-04 CALMAC Agenda (Update) 10/27/200424Valerie K. Richardson
California Industrial Energy Efficiency Potential Analysis 10/27/2004141Tim Caulfield
Slides for the Presentation on Overarching Studies 10/27/2004142Pierre Landry
Website Status Report to CALMAC 10/27/04 10/27/200428Tim Caulfield
Energy Efficiency Potential Study Update 2003 10/27/200477Tim Caulfield
Minutes of CALMAC 10/27/04 Meeting 10/27/200454Ingrid Bran
Agenda for CALMAC Meeting 9/22/04 - Updated 09/20/04 9/22/200424Valerie K. Richardson
CPUC Master Service EM&V Contractor Presentation to CALMAC 09-22-04 9/22/2004163
Presentation on Incorporating International Measurement and Verification Protocols (IPMVP) into EM&V Studies 9/22/2004514
Residential New Construction Presentation for CALMAC 9/22/04 9/22/2004103Mary Kay Gobris
Minutes for CALMAC Meeting 09/22/04 9/22/200450Valerie K. Richardson
Nonresidential New Construction, Codes & Standards Updates and Issues Presentation 9/22/2004406Doug Mahone
Minutes for CALMAC Meeting 08/18/04 8/18/200440Valerie K. Richardson
Measure Cost Overview for CALMAC Meeting 08/18/04 8/18/200430Craig Tyler
Agenda for CALMAC Meeting 08/18/04 (Updated) 8/18/200421Valerie K. Richardson
CA RASS Presentation for 8/18/04 CALMAC Meeting 8/18/2004272Tim Caulfield
CALMAC Web Status Report for CALMAC Meeting 08/18/04 8/18/200450Tim Caulfield
CALMAC Conference Call Minutes, June 16, 2004 6/16/200430Valerie K. Richardson
Updated Agenda for CALMAC 06-16-04 Meeting via Conference Call 6/16/200424Tim Caulfield
Minutes for CALMAC Meeting May 19, 2004 5/19/200430Tim Caulfield
Agenda for CALMAC Meeting May 19, 2004, 10:00AM to 2:00 PM. (Updated 5/14/04) 5/19/200424Tim Caulfield
Handouts from CALMAC 05-19-04 Mtg 5/19/20041410Tim Caulfield
Mearsure Cost Overview for CALMAC Meeting 8/18/04 4/18/200426Craig Tyler
2004-05 Over-Arching Study Draft Plan 10/23/2003134
CALMAC Workshop on Over-Arching Energy Efficiency Studies for 2004-05 10/23/200328
Evaluation Framework Discussion Draft for Sept. 3-4 Workshops 9/4/2003821
Preliminary Notice, Agenda, and Directions for Sept 3-4 Workshops on New California Evaluation Framework Project 9/4/200324
Instructions for Webcast and Teleconference for Sept. 3-4 Workshops 9/4/200323Tim Caulfield
CALMAC Sept. 3-4 Workshop: Evaluation Framework Presentation and Comments 9/4/2003732
Revised Agenda for June 4 CALMAC Workshop 6/4/200320Mary Anderson
CALMAC Proposals - June 4, 2003 6/4/2003237Mary Anderson
CALMAC 2003 Planning Workshop Notes 6/4/200376
CALMAC Statewide Framework Workshop Minutes 4/28/20032505
CALMAC Meeting Notes 11/20/200242
CALMAC Workshop on Plans for the Master Contract for Evaluation Coordination and Review 9/18/20021761
CALMAC Workshop on 2002 Statewide Studies 6/12/2002151
CALMAC Meeting Notes 5/22/200231
Minutes from March 20, 2002 CALMAC Meeting 4/15/20027
Minutes from February 27, 2002 Meeting 3/15/200214Sylvia Bender
CALMAC meeting will be held Wednesday, March 20, 11 AM - 3 PM, in the ORA conference room, 770 L Street, Suite 1050, Sacramento. - No Attached File3/14/2002
CALMAC Meeting February 27, 2002 at Pacific Energy Center 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 2/25/20027Sylvia Bender
Minutes from January 16, 2002 CALMAC Meeting. 2/14/200217
CALMAC Meeting August 15, 2001 at Office of Ratepayer Adovcates (ORA) 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 1/15/200222Valerie K. Richardson
Notes from November 28, 2001 CALMAC Conference Phone Call 1/15/20025Valerie K. Richardson
Draft Meeting notes from the October 24, 2001 CALMAC Meeting 1/14/200241Valerie K. Richardson
Final Minutes from the May 2, 2001 CALMAC Meeting 1/13/200229Valerie K. Richardson
CALMAC February 21, 2001 Public Workshop on 2001 Utility Specific and CEC MA&E Studies 1/12/2002107Valerie K. Richardson
Minutes from the January 29, 2001 Meeting 1/11/200227Valerie K. Richardson
CALMAC Meeting October 24 at Pacific Energy Center 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 10/1/200120Valerie K. Richardson
Final Minutes from the August 15, CALMAC meeting 8/29/200144Valerie K. Richardson
Final Minutes for the June 20, 2001, CALMAC Meeting 6/29/200177Valerie K. Richardson

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