California Measurement Advisory Council
Information Filings

On May 1st of 2002 and 2003, CADMAC filed with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) an "Information Filings" summarizing statewide MA&E studies and variations or waivers approved for those studies. These Information Filings are cumulative and retained all historic information since they were first ordered in 1994. The Information Filing also contains the background and CPUC orders that initiated the filings.
CADMAC was officially recognized as the body responsible for "reviewing utility measurement plans and results and developing potential modifications to the addopted protocols for consideration in each AEAP" for the Protocol perod from 01/01/94 to 12/31/97. (See D.93-05-063. (Id., at p. 25, fn. 4)). This document is not available electronically.
TitleDateSize (kBytes)
Information Filing by the California DSM Measurement Advisory Committee (CADMAC) [2003] 8/26/20031723
Informational Update of The California DSM Measurement Advisory Committee (CADMAC) 10/3/2002307