California Measurement Advisory Council

This page presents the Review Memorandums (RM) and Verification Reports (VR) documenting the Office of Ratepayer Advocate (ORA) reviews of evaluation studies conducted on programs fielded during the Protocol period (1/1/1994 to12/31/1997). Posting of these verification files fulfilled Ruling Paragraph 2, p. 22, of Assigned Commissioner Ruling A.03-05-002 issued by Commissioner Susan P. Kennedy dated August 7, 2003. (click to view that Ruling) For more context on the role of these reports in the earnings process read the short history.

The best way to find the report you are looking for is to download the Index file (which lists the summary detail for all of the reports) and locate the report of interest. The index record will then tell you which AEAP year the report or memo is in and will give you the file name. Then you can "drill down" into the appropriate AEAP year file and download the report or memo you seek. All reports/memos are relatively small in size, so downloading should go smoothly.
(Attention: If you are using Internet Explorer on a Macintosh you may need to rename the file after you have dowloaded.)


1997 AEAP FinalReports&Memos
1998 AEAP FinalReports&Memos
1999 AEAP FinalReports&Memos
2000 AEAP FinalReports&Memos
2001 AEAP FinalReports&Memos
2002 AEAP FinalReports&Memos
2003 AEAP FinalReports&Memos