California Measurement Advisory Council

CAlifornia DSM Measurement Advisory Committee (CADMAC) was the predecessor to CALMAC. It covered market assessment and evaluation (MA&E) on programs conducted under the " PROTOCOLS AND PROCEDURES FOR THE VERIFICATION OF COSTS, BENEFITS, AND SHAREHOLDER EARNINGS FROM DEMAND-SIDE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS" (Protocols). Programs evaluated under the Protocols were fielded during 1994 through 1997, but evaluations of those programs (and carryover applications) continued to occur through 2007.


CADMAC Statement of Purpose: To provide a forum for presentations, discussions, and review of Demand Side Management (DSM) program measurement studies underway or completed, to coordinate the development and implementation of measurement studies common to all or most of the utilities, and to facilitate the development of effective, state-of-the-art protocols for measuring and evaluating the impacts of DSM programs.


From 1998 through approximately 2005, CALifornia Measurement Advisory Committee (CALMAC) provided a forum for the development, implementation, presentation, discussion, and review of regional and statewide MA&E studies for California energy efficiency and demand programs conducted using Public Goods Charge funds. In the process of carrying out this mission, CALMAC coordinated and facilitated the dissemination and presentation of completed MA&E studies to stakeholders, policy makers and the general public. CALMAC met on a relatively regular basis through 2007, and on an as needed basis until 2009. In 2009 the group became inactive as its role was replaced by other industry bodies.

    Under CALMAC Info you will find the CALMAC minutes and presentations for the period that it operated, along with Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Toolkit pages that supplied the key documents needed by evaluators through 2013. Under CALMAC Info you can also learn about CALMAC's committee on Market Assessment and Evaluation Statewide Team of Research Organizations (MAESTRO) which operated during that period. By going to the Links page you can find information on CALMAC members.

Since CALMAC stopped meeting in 2009, the only subcommittee to continue operating is the CALMAC Website committee. It maintains this site and its main activity is making available completed reports on evaluations conducted in California that are paid for using Public Goods Charge funds. This information can be found on the New Publications Page and through the Searchable Database.