California Measurement Advisory Council - California Weather Files
California Weather Files

This page supplies both typical (most representative of a span of years) and historical (single year) weather data for 86-127 and 127 California weather stations, respectively.

Typical Weather Files: Three different typical year weather files are presented, each representing a different span of years.

  • CZ2010 typical year files span 1998 through 2009 (a 12 year period of record) and were the standard weather files adopted by the California Energy Commission for Title 24 compliance calculations from 2010 through 2022. There are 86 CZ2010 files. As required by the California Energy Commission, the CZ2010 use statewide “typical months”. Read More
  • CZ2018 typical year files span 2006 through 2017 (a 12 year period of record) and represents a more recent 12 year span of time than CZ2010. It should be noted that (1) CZ2018 includes the same 127 locations as the historical weather data, (2) uses location-specific “typical months”, and (3) “2018” refers to the year of creation, rather than the Title 24 version. These files are also sometimes referred to as CALEE2018. Read More
  • CZ2022 typical year files span 1998 through 2017 (a 20 year period of record) and were adopted by the California Energy Commission for Title 24 Version 2022. Like the CZ2010, CZ2022 uses statewide “typical months”, which resulted in 97 locations, with 30 locations dropped due to missing data. Read More

Historical Weather Files: The historical weather data is presented by year, starting with 2014 for 131 locations, of which 122 have data for all 8 years. Current year data is updated daily. Data for the current year uses modeled solar radiation data. The year prior to the current year also used modeled solar radiation data until the satellite-derived radiation data for the year prior to the current year becomes available. The weather data for the year prior to the current year is updated, using the satellite-derived radiation data, in approximately July of the current year. Read More

Sources: Weather station data are from the Integrated Surface Database and the National Solar Radiation Database. The Integrated Surface Database is maintained by the National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI). Satellite-derived solar radiation data originates from the National Solar Radiation Database (NSRDB) maintained by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. For detailed information, including file naming conventions, formats, and data processing procedures, refer to: Update of California Weather Files for Use in Utility Energy Efficiency Programs and Building Energy Standard Compliance Calculations, CALMAC Study ID PGE0450.00. This study is available for download on the CALMAC Searchable Database, found elsewhere on this site. Read More

CAUTION: For current year weather files, there is usually a time lag of 2 to 10 days before the raw weather data becomes available. Be aware that the weather files are always presented as complete years so that they can be used in building simulation programs such as eQUEST. Data points beyond the retrieval date are filled with repeated values from the latest available data and identified with an "R" (Repeated) flag in the FIN4 format files. These values should never be used in any calculations. Users are advised to read the User Guide.

Click here for User Guide describing the CALMAC weather files in more detail

*Last update: 2024-07-20 02:38:57

Weather Data    View Map

Alamedaview on map399403337.772-122.298
Alturasview on map1672595841.491-120.564
Arcata-APview on map172594540.978-124.109
Auburn-Muni-APview on map1172026738.955-121.082
Bakersfield-Meadows-Fieldview on map1372384035.434-119.054
Bicycle-Lakeview on map1474611035.283-116.633
Big-Bear-Cityview on map16A0685434.264-116.854
Bishop-APview on map1672480037.371-118.358
Blue-Canyon-APview on map1672584539.277-120.71
Blythe-Riverside-Co-APview on map1574718833.619-114.714
Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena-APview on map972288034.201-118.358
Cableview on map1072032934.112-117.688
Calaveras-Co-Rasmussen-APview on map1272068138.146-120.648
Camarillo-APview on map672392634.217-119.083
Campoview on map1474718632.626-116.468
Camp-Pendleton-MCASview on map772292633.3-117.35
Carlsbad-Mcclellanview on map772292733.128-117.279
Chico-Muni-APview on map1172497339.8-121.85
China-Lake-NAFview on map1474612035.688-117.693
Chino-APview on map1072289933.975-117.636
Columbiaview on map1272061538.033-120.417
Concord-Buchanan-Fieldview on map1272495037.992-122.055
Corona-Muni-APview on map1072033333.898-117.602
Crescent-Cityview on map199401241.745-124.183
Crescent-City-Faa-APview on map172594641.78-124.237
Daggett-Barstow-APview on map1472381534.854-116.786
Davis-APview on map1272057638.533-121.783
Edwards-N-Baseview on map1472317134.988-117.865
El-Centro-NAFview on map1572281032.817-115.683
Elkhorn-Slough-Reserveview on map399799736.817-121.733
El-Monteview on map974704334.083-118.033
Eurekaview on map172594040.81-124.16
Fairfield-Travis-AFview on map1274516038.267-121.933
Fresno-Chandler-Exec-IAPview on map1372389736.732-119.82
Fresno-Yosemite-IAPview on map1372389036.78-119.719
Fullerton-Muni-APview on map872297633.872-117.979
Gray-Butteview on map1472095234.564-117.675
Half-Moon-Bay-APview on map372064637.513-122.501
Hanford-Muni-APview on map1372389836.319-119.629
Hawthorne-Jack-Northrop-Fieldview on map872295633.923-118.334
Hayward-APview on map372585037.654-122.115
Hemetview on map1072068733.733-117.017
Hollister-Muniview on map474917936.9-121.417
Imperialview on map1574718532.834-115.579
Imperial-Beach-Ream-Fieldview on map772290932.567-117.117
Inyokernview on map1472382635.659-117.83
Kern-Co-Edwards-AFBview on map1472381034.9-117.867
Kings-Co-Lemoore-Reeves-NASview on map1374702036.333-119.95
La-Jollaview on map799401832.867-117.258
Lake-Tahoeview on map1672584738.898-119.995
Lancaster-Wm-Fox-Fieldview on map1472381634.741-118.212
La-Verne-Brackettview on map972288734.1-117.783
Lincoln-Rgnl-APview on map1172061438.909-121.351
Livermore-Muni-APview on map1272492737.693-121.814
Lompocview on map572289534.667-120.467
Long-Beach-Daugherty-Fieldview on map872297033.812-118.146
Los-Alamitos-AAFview on map872297533.79-118.052
Los-Angeles-Downtown-USCview on map872287434.024-118.291
Los-Angeles-IAPview on map672295033.938-118.389
Los-Angeles-Whiteman-APview on map974505734.259-118.413
Madera-Muni-APview on map1374504636.988-120.111
Mammoth-Yosemiteview on map1672389437.633-118.85
Martinez-Amorcoview on map1299847538.033-122.125
Marysville-Beale-AFBview on map1172483739.133-121.433
Merced-Castle-AFBview on map1272481037.383-120.567
Merced-MacReady-Fieldview on map1272481537.285-120.513
Modesto-City-Co-APview on map1272492637.624-120.951
Mojaveview on map1472295335.067-118.15
Montague-Siskiyou-Co-APview on map1672595541.781-122.468
Monterey-Peninsulaview on map372491536.588-121.845
Moss-Landing-S-Harborview on map399817336.8-121.783
Mountain-View-Moffett-Fieldview on map474509037.406-122.048
Mount-Shastaview on map1672595741.333-122.333
Napa-Coview on map272495538.21-122.285
Needles-APview on map1572380534.768-114.619
Nevada-Co-Airparkview on map1174948639.224-121.003
Norton-AAFview on map10X2312234.1-117.25
Novato-Gnoss-Field-APview on map272040638.15-122.55
Oaklandview on map399849637.795-122.288
Oakland-Metro-APview on map372493037.721-122.221
Oceanside-Muni-APview on map772293433.219-117.349
Ontario-IAPview on map1074704034.056-117.6
Orovilleview on map1174504839.49-121.618
Oxnard-APview on map672392734.201-119.207
Palmdale-APview on map1472382034.629-118.084
Palm-Springs-IAPview on map1572286833.822-116.504
Palm-Springs-Thermal-APview on map1574718733.627-116.159
Palo-Alto-APview on map372493737.467-122.117
Paso-Robles-Muni-APview on map472396535.67-120.628
Petaluma-Muni-APview on map2A0704938.25-122.6
Pittsburg-Suisun-Bayview on map1299847838.042-121.887
Placerville-APview on map1272064538.717-120.75
Point-Mugu-Nfview on map672391034.117-119.117
Portervilleview on map1372389536.029-119.063
Port-San-Luisview on map599402335.177-120.76
Ramonaview on map1074505633.038-116.916
Red-Bluff-Muni-APview on map1172591040.152-122.254
Redding-Muni-APview on map1172592040.518-122.299
Redwood-Cityview on map399404137.507-122.2
Richmondview on map399403637.928-122.4
Riverside-March-AFBview on map1072286033.9-117.25
Riverside-Muni-APview on map1072286933.952-117.439
Rohnervilleview on map174948540.554-124.133
Sacramento-Executive-APview on map1272483038.507-121.495
Sacramento-Mather-Fieldview on map1272483338.567-121.3
Sacramento-McClellan-AFBview on map1272483638.667-121.4
Sacramento-Metro-APview on map1272483938.696-121.59
Salinas-Muni-APview on map372593036.664-121.608
San-Bernardinoview on map1072286634.095-117.235
San-Carlos-APview on map372493837.517-122.25
San-Clemente-Is-NAASview on map072292533.023-118.588
San-Clemente-San-Mateo-Pointview on map772292833.286-117.456
Sandbergview on map1472383034.744-118.724
San-Diego-Brown-Fld-Muni-APview on map772290432.572-116.979
San-Diego-Gillespieview on map1072290732.826-116.973
San-Diego-IAPview on map772290032.734-117.183
San-Diego-Miramar-MCASview on map772293132.867-117.133
San-Diego-Montgomeryview on map772290332.816-117.139
San-Diego-N-Island-NASview on map772290632.7-117.2
San-Francisco-Bay-Reserveview on map1299801138.217-122.017
San-Francisco-IAPview on map372494037.62-122.365
San-Francisco-Pierview on map399847937.798-122.393
San-Jose-IAPview on map472494537.359-121.924
San-Jose-Reid-Hillviewview on map472494637.333-121.817
San-Luis-Co-Rgnl-APview on map572289735.237-120.641
San-Nicholas-Islandview on map072291033.24-119.458
Santa-Ana-APview on map672297733.68-117.866
Santa-Barbara-Muni-APview on map672392534.426-119.843
Santa-Catalina-Catalina-APview on map072292033.405-118.416
Santa-Maria-Public-APview on map572394034.899-120.449
Santa-Monica-Muni-APview on map672288534.016-118.451
Santa-Rosa-APview on map272495738.504-122.81
Santa-Ynezview on map572376234.607-120.076
South-Co-AP_of_Santa-Claraview on map4X0038137.082-121.597
South-Santa-Clara-Co-APview on map474948437.082-121.597
Stockton-Metro-APview on map1272492037.889-121.226
Susanvilleview on map1672583740.376-120.573
Tehachapi-Muniview on map1674917135.135-118.439
Tiburon-Pierview on map299773437.92-122.45
Torrance-Muni-APview on map672295533.803-118.34
Truckee-Tahoeview on map1672584639.32-120.139
Tuijuana-River-Reserveview on map799801332.575-117.127
Twentynine-Palmsview on map1469015034.3-116.167
Ukiah-Muni-APview on map272590539.126-123.201
USMC-Mtn-Warfare-Trainview on map1672065238.356-119.519
Vacaville-Nut-Treeview on map1272482838.378-121.958
Vandenberg-AFBview on map572393034.717-120.567
Van-Nuys-APview on map972288634.21-118.489
Victorville-George-AFBview on map1472382534.583-117.383
Visalia-Muni-APview on map1372389636.317-119.4
Watsonvilleview on map374505836.936-121.789
Weaverville-L-Pool-Fieldview on map1672019340.747-122.922
Yuba-Countyview on map1172483839.102-121.568