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CALifornia Measurement Advisory Council (CALMAC)
    California has long been a leader in fielding energy efficiency, demand side management and self-generation programs, helping rank the state among the lowest in per capita energy use in the United States. These programs have been thoroughly evaluated and their reports offer an extensive body of useful and important knowledge that can benefit anyone - in both the public and private sectors - who is interested in the efficient use of energy, effective demand response or appropriate self-generation.  
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  • New Publications The New Publications page presents the titles and abstracts for reports posted the CALMAC Searchable database during the last 90 days.
  • Searchable Database - More than 1,300 MA&E research reports dating from 1990 can be found in our Searchable Database. Downloadable report files are available for evaluations of programs fielded since 1994.
  • Weather Data The Weather Data page supplies standardized weather files for use by evaluators on many projects.
  • Customer Load Shapes The Granular Profile page supplies PG&E's Residential and Non-residential Granular Profiles. Downloadable profiles are updated on a monthly basis.
  • Post a Report - If you wish to post a publication to the searchable database, please go to the CALMAC Administration page.

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