CALMAC Publication Form - Reports to be Posted to our Searchable Database
Reports to be Posted to our Searchable Database

You have chosen to submit a report for posting on the CALMAC searchable database. In order to accurately record your report in the database and make sure that searches work correctly, we need you to fill out the information below. When you have completed the form, attach an electronic copy of your report in PDF format and press the Submit button.

Note: Control-Click (Windows)/Command-Click (Mac) to deselect selected items.

Format: AAA9999.99 Lookup ID
Provided to you by the CALMAC administrator. CALMAC Study ID requests should include the full name of the program being evaluated and the name of the program implementer so that the correct ID can be assigned. Allows the report to be retrieved from the database simply by entering the ID into the Search Text function. This ID should appear on report cover.
Energy Efficiency
Demand Response
Low Income
Self Generation
Check more than one report type if your report covers more than one type (e.g., Energy Efficiency and Demand Response).
Evaluability Study
Evaluation Guidelines
Impact Evaluation
Market Effects
Market Study
Measure Retention
Process Evaluation
Program Design

Check more than one category if your report covers more than one type of study (e.g., Impact Evaluation and Process Evaluation).

Select more than one if your report covers multiple implementers (e.g., an evaluation of a statewide program with elements run by PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E).

Choose the name of the organization that issued the RFP and managed the execution of the study. If the Study Manager organization doesn't appear in the list, contact the Website Administrator.
Please enter exactly as on cover of report

When creating the abstract, please use language a layman can understand, focusing on the objectives of the study and the bottom line results. Make sure abstract includes all key words pertaining to your report so the search engine can find it. Abstracts are limited to 3500 characters. The abstract is important because the search engine hunts through the abstract for the words typed in for the search. We suggest that you use close to the 3500 characters allowed and be sure that you include all of the key phrases that describe your study. While it is tempting to quickly write a one line description of your report to get through the process of submitting the report, this will do your hard work a disservice because it will minimize the probability of your study being found by the Search Text.
format: YYYY,YYYY
Enter all years covered by the evaluation report.



These optional fields are for other identifications numbers that may be issued by the CPUC, your company or other entities to identify the project/report. Entering an ID number here will allow the report to be retrieved from the database simply by entering that number into the Search Text function. These numbers may appear on the cover of the report.
Open the PDF and see what it says at the bottom of the Acrobat window.  The total number of pages is listed there.
New Construction
Check all appropriate sectors covered by report. You can select more than one if it applies.
Check if this is a volume to a publication that has previously been uploaded to

Click Browse and select a file. If you do not see a "Browse" button, your browser does not support file uploading. If you are uploading a large file from a dial up modem or a slow connection, you may experience problems submitting your report. If you do experience problems, please submit your report directly to the Site Administrator.
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