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CALifornia Measurement Advisory Council (CALMAC)
    CALMAC Mission Statement: CALMAC's mission is to provide a forum for development, implementation, presentation, discussion, and review of market assessment and evaluation (MA&E) studies for energy efficiency programs within California that are conducted by member organizations individually and collectively (CALMAC Contacts). CALMAC also coordinates the development and implementation of statewide MA&E studies.

In the process of carrying out this mission, CALMAC coordinates and facilitates the following:

  1. Development of an annual portfolio of statewide MA&E studies.
  2. Activities related to the planning and performance of individual statewide MA&E studies.
  3. Presentation, application and dissemination of complete MA&E studies to program managers, policy makers and the general public.
  4. Consideration of the possible adoption of protocols to guide MA&E activities and subsequent modification and additions to adopted MA&E protocols including prospective waivers to adopted protocols.
This site presents information on CALMAC and current project work (New Publications), CALMAC's Market Assessment and Evaluation Statewide Team of Research Organizations (MAESTRO) subcommittee, and CALMAC's sister organization, CADMAC. The site includes a Searchable Database of MA&E research reports and Links to related projects and sites.

We hope this site helps you find the information you need! If you would like periodic email updates on CALMAC events or reports, you can sign up for our listserver by sending an email to CA_ENERGY_MAandE-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.