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CALMAC offers a downloadable list of firms that are interested in providing Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) services for energy efficiency and demand response programs in California. The contact information is collected, maintained and provided for the convenience of evaluation research project managers, and it is made publicly available in order to facilitate collaboration in the evaluation community.

If you wish to submit or update your company’s contact information, please fill out and submit the "Submit or Update EM&V Contractors Contact Info" form.

The EM&V Contractors list will be updated with new contact information as they are received and verified. CALMAC intends to request that all listed contractors review their contact data once per quarter to assure that the data is kept up to date.

That being said, CALMAC in no way endorses the qualifications or capabilities of the evaluation contractors listed in the downloadable files. Nor does the acceptance and posting of contractor contact information on the CALMAC website imply or guarantee that any contacts will be made or that any work will result from the posting. This contact information is supplied and updated occasionally by the individual firms listed. These files have no indication of date or version, since CALMAC is providing them as a convenience. CALMAC will not be responsible for keeping the list updated; the individual firms are responsible for keeping the information current.

You can download the file either in Microsoft Word or Excel format.

If you are a contractor interested in bidding on the utilities’ RFPs, you need to contact the specific utility to get on their contractor lists. CPUC RFPs and RFQs are posted on the CPUC website at:



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